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Food Delivery like Uber Eats - New Template from Zeroqode

Hey Zeroqoders,
we have just published a new which is a Food Delivery application similar to Uber Eats, Food Panda or Deliveroo. It features apps for users (mobile first), drivers (mobile first), restaurant owners and admins. The template comes with automated payments through stripe to all parties involved. Users can add food items from their favorite restaurants to the cart, pay for the order and delivery and then get real time delivery status updates.
here is the template link Eaty - Food Delivery like Uber Eats | No-Code Template by Zeroqode

and a screenshot

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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I just purchased this template yesterday and though I’m almost finished with the lessons, I’m still having a hard time doing (what seems to be simple things).

Is there anyone available that can help me understand how to successfully use this template? Thanks!

we could help you understand the general things about the template (like database structure etc.) but we wouldn’t be able to go into much details for the customizations and modifications. Post your questions here and we’d be glad to assist you.
It requires time and patience studying all the elements, workflows and settings of the template so I’d suggest you go slowly and experiment with things. Don’t be afraid to mess anything in the app as you can always delete it and create again using the template you purchased.

I’ve added my food items to the data but they are not showing up when i select them. Each different restaurant is showing up not the food item.

Hi @tierra
It seems for me like you have not linked the food items to the restaurant.
Did you use the restaurant dashboard to upload the “food”? If so, was you logged in as “Site Admin” or “Restaurant Owner”? If all is true, what you see in table with “menu items”? Do you see the restaurant tied to each item?

That is probably so, but I’ve purchased another food delivery uber eats clone app that I found to be much more user friendly to me as someone who is brand new to everything that is bubble.is. But thank you, when I play around with that app again I’ll be sure check that out, it might have been my issue.

I still want to master that app template as well. :slight_smile:

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Hey there, I have this template, and I am trying to charge for mileage. I have used the “distance from” between my two addresses, *x it that doesn’t work. It’s just seems to make up a random number. I thought I it may be the formatting of the expression, but changing it around didn’t work either. Any thoughts?

Hello, in order to calculate distances between 2 points we normally use this free plugin https://bubble.is/plugin/google-maps-extended-1479901297703x967536405834891300

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Thanks Levon, I have this plugin. But, it’s the *xx for the charge that won’t work. For example,

+searchboxa distance from searchboxb*0.25 to calculate the distance and provide the number of kms to charge for. But, that calculation throws off the entire expression. The charge ends being a random amount.

try separating it into 2 different workflow steps, first calculate the distance and save it into a custom state, then in the next step try multiplying the value of the custom state by 0.25 and see what you get

How can I preview a live example of the template before purchasing it. Thanks in advance

Hi Yago,
here is the preview link https://ubereats.bubbleapps.io/version-published_template

Thanks Levon. That didn’t seem to work. But, I did run into another issue - in the orders group on the restaurant page, it show all the orders made on the platform, not just the orders for that particular restaurant. I tried changing it to parent groups orders, but I couldn’t determine what dB entries I needed. Is there a reason it shows all orders?

Hello @cotekris, thanks for reaching out!

It’s happens because all restaurants are created under same user.

Also we just made a template update. Made a little UI and functionality fixes.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

Regards, Zeroqode Team

Thanks. Two more questions, when you push updates, does it break any changes we make to the template? And, can the driver accept more than one delivery request at a time? If not, can that be done?


once you build an app based off a template, no updates to the template will be reflected in the app, because that’s technically not possible

the driver can’t accept more than one delivery but you can customize that in the template

Hello. I have a question about the ability of this template: Can I have several different locations, each containing a different selection of restaurants (some the same and some different), and be presented a geo-located (or at worst a manual location entry) list of restaurants depending on where the app is located? In other words: city A has Food 1, Food 2, and Food 3. city B has Food 2, and Food 3. If phone is in city B only Food 2 and 3 are shown from where to order, yet if phone is in city A, all three restaurant choices show up. I am eager to learn about this template. I am new here thank you for your patience.

Hi Pablo, thanks for reaching out!
yes, this definitely is possible, and it’s setup currently in a way that it looks for restaurants within a certain range around the user (let’s say maximum 40 km or any range you want to define)
But even if the current logic is not ok you can always modify it to the way you need
hope this helps

hello guys! Is there a way to setup the drivers request?

I would like to send out a notifications to ALL the drivers within an area and the first one to accept or reply will get the delivery instead of just sending the notification to the closest driver?

Like a bat signal of some sort!

thank you

HI, it’s possible to implement, you can customize the scenarios after you purchase the template
however if you want the drivers to receive push notifications about the order you would first need to wrap your web app into a mobile app (for example as shown here https://zeroqode.com/native) and also configure OneSignal for sending push requests. Hope this helps