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Fork/Transfer from one stack to another

Hello guys!

I am new here and I see that there is activity on highly technical no-code topics, so I come here for your insights on a tricky subject ^^

We actually have this stack for our job board website/app ( Myjobnest ):
Weweb + Xano (core) & Ghost for the blog.

We would like to change for:
Webflow + Wized + Xano

I am a Webflow dev and we already know why make this change. But my question is if some of you know how hard it could be for our dev to switch this stack and connect the stuff. Our dev is very skilled on Xano and Weweb he does amazing job. But learning or using a new tool can be challenging. (Knowing I will manage the design part in Webflow, and the blog part woth the native CMS, only the app part will be manage with Wized/Xano).

What are your thoughts about it? thx

Hello @khalil ,
Thank you for reaching out to us. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s great to see your enthusiasm for exploring new technologies for your job board website. Transitioning to a new stack like Webflow, Wized, and Xano can certainly open up new possibilities but it does come with its challenges.

Since your developer is already proficient with Xano and has experience with Weweb, adapting to Wized and Webflow will definitely be feasible, especially with a strong grasp on web development concepts.

Webflow is particularly user-friendly for those with a background in web development, allowing for intricate designs with minimal coding. Managing the design part in Webflow while integrating it with Wized for app functionality and Xano for backend services sounds like a robust setup.

Wized, which works well with Webflow, will enable your developer to build app-like functionality directly into the Webflow environment. The learning curve for Wized primarily involves understanding its integration points with Webflow and leveraging its capabilities to manage application logic and interactions.

Best of luck with your new setup, I hope your project will go smoothly.
Have a nice day! :sunny: