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From videos: add/remove items from RG

Great videos. Super helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7XDnD24sWM

Everything worked as planned, however I do have a question.

My users may come back to these repeating groups to add or edit the users in these groups after the team has been created. In your example, how can the players of the ‘Soccer Team’ also be displayed if the user has selected the team previously and they are in the database, along with the option to add/remove?

Example. user selects 3 of 5 players to create team and writes to db. Then come back later and should show the checked players already in db.

Thank you so much.

Hi @jasonturo,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m afraid we cannot provide exact solutions on this matter, as this is beyond our support services, but if you want to display your Soccer Team, you can simply set the ‘Data source’ as a dynamic ‘Do search for’ to actually pull your data from database and you’ll be able to display them in the RepeatingGroup. Or, you can create a database field something like ‘Teams’ and make it a List of Players, and when you add them to your Soccer Team, they will be added as a list of team players.

Hope it helps.