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Full Screen Element Plugin Error


Hi Gang,

I am trying to expand an image element using the full screen element plugin but receiving the following error:

“The plugin full screen element/action add full screen toggle to element threw the following error: Bigscreen is not defined”

Any ideas?


I would try removing and adding the plug-in/element and see how it goes, maybe you could also try to clear browser cache,
please let me know if this helps, if not we’ll see what might be the issue


Hi @levon, I just attempted this but the error code remains.


ok we’ll double check and i’ll update here


we checked and it works for us, can you give us access to your app please? please add [email protected] and provide username password if the run mode is password protected, thanks


Just added you. Let me know if you need anything else.


Hello, we have fixed this in your app, please check if it’s ok now. Thanks