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Full Screen Plugin - Can it be triggered via a workflow

I want to trigger this plugin via a workflow. Here’s the use case.

The element I want to be made fullscreen is set to invisible.

The workflow needs to show the invisible element and then make it full screen.

The problem that I am having at the moment is that the Fullscreen Plugin can’t make an invisiable item fullscreen, which makes sense. That’s why I need to show the element first and THEN make it fullscreen via this plugin.

Any help would be much appreciated.

there is a workflow to make any element visible, did you try that action prior to running the fullscreen mode?

At the moment I have a “Fullscreen Element on another Element” workflow step on Page Load.

I tried adding a workflow to unhide the element on the icon I am using to trigger the fullscreen. I figured it could unhide the element and then trigger the fullscreen plugin, but no joy. The fullscreen no longer works. So I tried applying an invisible button over the top to make the element visible first, but then the fullscreen plugin isn’t triggered.

Does that make sense :slight_smile:

Any ideas on how I can unhide the element before making it fullscreen.

Maybe it would be easier if it was just built in to the fullscreen plugin. i.e. it shouldn’t really matter whether an element is visible or not as at the point the user clicks on the fullscreen trigger they clearly want it to go fullscreen so why not just have the plugin make the element go fullscreen whether it is visible or not.

This would save having to fathom out a workaround to unhide the element and THEN make it fullscreen.

Or alternatively, if the plugin allowed a way to trigger the fullscreen from a workflow that would work too. You’d think it would do that, but I haven’t figured out how to. If the fullscreen could be triggered via a work flow then it would be simply a case of:

Step 1. Unhiding the element
Step 2. Making the element fullscreen

Alas, the plugin doesn’t seem to allow for this.

we have just pushed a fix with Improvement - New Workflow Action (Make Element Fullscreen), allow users to trigger elements to fullscreen resolution from the workflow

please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the page and give it a try

Wow! That is awesome and really adds some terrific extra functionality to this plugin.

Just one problem I’m having, which hopefully is easily resolved.

After making the element fullscreen it is immediately reverting back to normal view when I click in the multiline input to enter some text. Hopefully you know what to do to get past this exiting fullscreen when clicking on the fullscreen element and then I’m good.

We pushed another fix, please upgrade and give it a try

That’s new version works beautifully and allowing workflow activity makes it an awesome plugin. There’s only one little problem and that is that although the workflow can trigger the fullscreen, it isn’t specifying what happens when the fullscreen is closed. It just needs a workflow step adding that is ‘When fullscreen closes’.

Hope you can sort that Levon as my fullscreen is look AMAZING. It just needs to be able to ‘re-hide’ it on fullscreen exit.

Hi, we have just pushed an update with these improvements:
added two events, Full Screen Opened, Full Screen Closed that give more workflow control
please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the page and give it a try

Hi Levon,

Gave it a try, but it came up with some errors. It worked the first time, but then on subsequent attempts it didn’t function right. Here’s a quick video showing you the problem:

It is 90% of the way there so I’m sure it is just a little tweak and then it’ll be good to go.

Thanks for getting it this far. You guys are awesome.

Hi Paul,
we have fixed the bug,
please upgrade the plugin, refresh the page and give it another try