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Fundraising Template / Editing Issues

Hi team, I am having some issues with the fundraising template I recently purchased.

It seems there is a bug that does not allow anyone to edit the fundraising campaign after it is created, not even when one comes back to try to edit.

Also, I was wondering about the watch list of favorites.

It has a heart next to all of the fundraising campaigns but im not sure if in the template a watchlist is comtemplated.

Please advise if you might be able to help me fix the above bug mention on the template

Hello, @victor. Thanks for reaching out.

Concerning a bug with editing the Fundraisers campaigh.
Can you please provide me as many details as possible? Screenshots and prior conditions for reproducing the bug will be much appreciated.
I have tested the demo version of the plugin - editing function of the Fundraiser campaign is available after the campaign was created and works fine.

Regarding the watchlist of favorites.
The template’s design does not provide “the list of favorites” feature. The template can be customized any way user would like. So this “heart” icon was added as an idea for the user’s future customization.

I will be waiting for your reply with the detailed bug description.