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Fundstarter api question


I am trying to set up the fundstarter template but cant get the stripe integrations to work. Can you please provide the details for configuring the templates and api’s? What api’s are required and how do i set them up?



Hello @timothy.thompson87

Please check the documentation for template: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/fundstarter-crowdfunding-like-indiegogo-template

As for Stripe keys go to Stripe documentation for more details: https://stripe.com/docs/keys

The template comes with Stripe.js for payment integration, check more info here: https://forum.bubble.is/t/stripe-js-the-most-powerful-payments-plugin-for-bubble/12414
Also there is API Connector used for Stripe Direct which requires authorization for direct charges - https://stripe.com/docs/connect/direct-charges



Hi thanks for the response it seams there is also an api missing that is causing issues with payments and subscription statuses. This api is referenced in several other issues but I dont know what api it is.


Hi, @timothy.thompson87

We’ll need to check that out, could please tell us where are you encountering the issue, on which pages and workflows setups?
Also which version of Bubble you’re using and plugin versions, have you provided the keys, etc? Also have you made any changes in the payments workflows prior issue encounter ?
We do need more details on pinpointing the issue.
Thanks for understanding.



i get the an error referencing the same api in the following places
admin page appears to be anywhere the users current subscription is looked up under the conditionals tab

admin page -> “Button Confirm Make Payout is clicked” workflow (steps 1-3)

complete page -> “Stripetoken A has been created” workflow (steps 1-3)

profile page -> “Text NZ” element in appearence tab

there are several more locations (107 errors listed) but they all seam to be regarding stripe i have entered my api keys both with and without “bearer” prefix in both the dev and live section with no success but stripe.js is listed as an api provider if i try to edit the dynamic data so i dont know which stipe api this error is in reference to, if any.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.


Hello @timothy.thompson87

Sorry but this is hard pinpointing the issues within your app.

I would recommend you create a new App from Template. After that check if any issues are present within all of the newly created app without modifying anything. If everything is ok, simply follow the documentation by adding the required keys and authorization in respective plugins Stripe.js and API Connector.
As I mentioned without modifying any workflows or data, check the implementation. However if you encounter the issues by doing this or after a created app from template.
Add [email protected] as collaborators to this app, tell us which pages you’re having issues with and the link to the app so our devs could look at it closely.
Thanks for understanding.




After checking the plugin description, seems like the Stripe.js plugin version above 1.8.10 will break some features and workflows. If you’re using such version this leads to the issues encountered with payment across the template

Additionally as a solution for issues I would recommend you use the plugin version below the 1.8.10 as indicated in disclaimer by the developers. Better yet for workflows to work as intended in the app, use the plugin version 1.6.5 which we have now and when developed the template.

Please check this out! Thanks for understanding.