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Fundstarter Template - Help Needed with bugs and errors

Hello, @Nikita.S

We purchased the Fundstarter template about a week ago and are interested in using it commercially as it is awesome.

However we are having several problems with it and need help

We have spent the last 7 days trying to fix the bugs ourselves but ended up making a mess of it all, so we had to start again. As my cofounder and I are non-technical, it is pretty much impossible for us to go further with this template.

These are the biggest problems so far:

1: User can not “complete” their profile without putting in card details, and even then it does not work.

  1. User can not create a fundstarter. After selecting “create fundstarter” it redirects to the 404 error page and is not properly listing the fundrasiser.

  2. You can not edit fundraisers. Same as above with redirecting to the 404 error page.

  3. Facebook and Google login api’s not working. Error messages say that “Cant Load URL”.

These are the main issues right now, and we urgently need them solved please! :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards,
Tim - Cofounder @ SportsCube

Hello there @tim, so on regarding the issues in the template,

  1. I will start from Facebook issue.
    The message which is displayed on redirecting to Facebook means that you have to access Facebook developer console. Then to your app which you created for this project. You have to set up Facebook Auth.
    Choose the platform which you needs for your app, you have to choose WEB for Bubble. And set up the URL of your Website. When you will finish the Auth issue will be fixed. Regarding the google auth, you have to do the same but in you Google console.
    Access console.developers.google.com. Then to your app which you created for this project, in menu APIs & Services you have to click on Credentials. Then select this one page
    and in Highlighted fields insert your website URL.

Regarding other issues, I will be back ASAP
I hope it helps you,

Thank you,

Hello there @tim, We have fixed all the issues, you have to take the next steps for fixing this in your app.

  1. In all these links, you have to make the next changes: Data source, and Conditional. The main feature in this app is to pay for something, this changes enables the possibility to check the few pages without card details, but all pages which are used as main functionality redirects you to the complete page if you didn’t insert them.
  2. In the fundraiser creation, for this button you have to change the plugin in your app from Random String to Random Number by Bubble, to put Element on the page and to change this field on Random Number element. That enables to create, and edit fundraiser.

Thank you for reaching us, you really helped us to create a better product.

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