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Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete - Japanese

Hello @zeroqode

I saw that you have added Cyrillic encoding characters, this is great~!

Am wondering will you be adding Chinese and Japanese characters search capability too?

If yes, when will can we expect this to happen?

Many thanks~!

Hello @hwgz01

Thanks for reaching out and for the feedback!

Regarding the possibility of adding additional encoding for Japanese and Chinese characters set , we’ll see how feasible it 'll be so we could add them in future updates.
Currently can not commit on a deadline , unfortunately.
Thanks for understanding.

hello @hwgz01 !

Thanks for your support and feedback, we’ve pushed an update to plugin with additional compatible languages , including:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • and more.

Please upgrade to latest version of plugin to check the new languages.

Kind regards,

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May I ask for the Thai language as well?

Hey, @newlee!

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, the plugin doesn’t accept the Thai language, indeed. We have taken into consideration your feedback regarding adding this language in the future updates. We need to see how feasible it is to implement. Thanks for understanding! :pray:

Best, Julia.