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Gantt chart Plugin Error


I purchased the plugin for Gantt charts and have not been able to get it to work. I created a new thing to store the data and followed the documentation to map the fields. The column titles and date range headings display, but no data is displaying. The debugger shows the data search was successful. But, I get the following error -

The plugin ZQ Gantt Charts / element Gantt Chart threw the following error: [email protected]https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/8a48bf4ba09c7c0159667fd05aeb13f8f23aec41aaf9e50b1dfb13190e5725d7/xfalse/x5:15:1966120
[email protected]https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/8a48bf4ba09c7c0159667fd05aeb13f8f23aec41aaf9e50b1dfb13190e5725d7/xfalse/x5:15:1907487

I get the same type of error messages when running this in Live and Dev modes.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello @fd1

Have you seen our demo setup: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=gantt_charts&id=zeroqode-demo-15&tab=tabs-1 ?
Please relate to it and try set it up as shown. Try reinstalling the plugin, delete the element and place it again on page.
Hope this helps.

Also for us to be able to debug it, please provide more details with screenshots/video of workflow and setup.

Thanks for understanding.


I got it to work by adding elements to the optional fields. I interpreted “Optional” as meaning the field was optional. But, it appears the fields need an element assigned to them, even if they don’t contain data.

But, I now have another problem. I have several repeating groups on the same page that are now showing vertical scroll bars. When I remove the Gantt element, the scroll bars work normally, i.e., they appear only when scrolling. How can I get both the Gantt element on the page and maintain normal scroll bars for my RG’s?

Thank you.


Hi, @fd1.

Could you please post screenshots/video demonstration of your workflow and setup with more details to see how the issue is produced?
Meanwhile we’ll look into fixing this, it’ll take some time though.
Thanks for understanding.