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Getting a message saying "Audio Player is published under a commercial license and this app does not have a subscription. Please subscribe in the editor..."


I installed the Audio Player plugin to check it out, but it wasn’t quite what I needed. However, after uninstalling it I now get an error every time I preview a page that says:

“The plugin Audio Player is published under a commercial license and this app does not have a subscription. Please subscribe in the editor.”

I have used the search function to look for anything using the Audio Player plugin and can’t find any leftovers so I am finding it impossible to get rid of the message.

Does anyone know how I can get rid of it. Thanks.


Hi @Siddhartha,

Normally, if you delete the plugin, the message disappears. It sounds more a new Bubble problem imo. May I ask you what you were looking for from an audio player? or missing?


I agree about it normally not giving that message if a plugin is deleted. I will reach out to them.

As for what I was looking for in an audio player here’s what I want to do.

My app is to do with therapeutic writing and so I want to be able to give people the choice of several playlists to listen to as they write, e.g. classical, light jazz, chill out.

These playlists will be from audio files stored on my server and they need to play the tracks within each playlist randomly so that they’re not the same every time.

Ideally, the play, stop, pause, next controls would appear in a floating group at the bottom of the page so that users have some control whilst they write.

Does that all make sense? Do you reckon I could get Audio Player to do that :slight_smile:


Play, stop, pause and next, load audio: yes.
You can display (or use) the actual player also or hide it.



Thanks for that answer.

And would I be able to play the remote files John as random tracks within a playlist, e.g. random jazz tracks from a list of 40 jazz tracks?


When a song is finished, this trigger will start the next song (random or a list).


Just resubscribed and got the basic stuff working. Just can’t figure out how to:

  1. Load a playlist of remote tracks

  2. Play the tracks randomly.

I’ve checked the instructions, but can’t see any mention of that. Once I know how to do those two things I’ll be rockin’ :slight_smile:


When ‘Audio player Ended’, you execute the workflow with the NEXT play you want to listen or you randomly pick a song. Do you mean playing offline?


Here’s the setup I’ve got John.

It plays a random track, but I can’t get it to go to the next track. It just keeps playing the same track again and again, rather than playing another random track.

What am I missing?


And this is how the workflow is setup

First one starts it playing and then the second one is how I figured you maybe get it to play another track.


Don’t point the Dynamic link with a Search for Music, use a state instead.


How would I do that with a state John?


check this tutorial on how to use custom states - https://lab.zeroqode.com/course_details/bubble-for-beginners-course-1549860685047x857418658238693400?section=1549860947878x872634862172373000&lesson=1549861241265x769886371627663400


I know a bit about custom states Levon, I just don’t get how, or why, I would need to use custom states just to play audio files.

I love your plugins and courses and the range is awesome, but I have to say the documentation for the plugins is terrible, if it exists at all.

Here’s an example. There’s an option in the Audio Player Plugin called ‘Enable Autoplay Audio List’. Sounds like what I might need so I click on the link to view the documentation and here’s what the documentation says.

Would it not be possible just to have some basic instructions with each plugin, rather than just leaving people to figure it out for themselves Levon?

As it is, I still don’t have a clue what I am supposed enter in the custom state just to get it to play a random track, and as for what the ‘Enable Autoplay Audio List’ checkbox does, who knows? :frowning:

It’s a shame as the Audio Player looks great on my page and seems to work flawlessly (as do your other plugins). I just need to figure this playlist problem out.


Yes, you are totally right and we are aware of the situation and try to improve where possible, it’s just that with 200+ plugins sometimes it’s hard to keep up with documentation improvement.
We’ve just pushed an update to this plugin with more clear explanation of each field

this means an auto play of the next song in a playlist when the current song is finished
hope this helps


I totally get it. 200+ is quite a challenge to get caught up on :slight_smile:

I suppose it is tough knowing which ones to start on, but it will be amazing when you’ve got them all done Levon.

On the plus side, it is a terrific collection of plug-ins. I know I’ve already bought quite a few and have several more on my list.

Good news though. I’ve managed to get it working just how I wanted it to. It took quite a lot of conditional settings to get all the random stuff picking up from the right playlist, but it is now working beautifully and looks great.


Thanks a lot for the kind words @Siddhartha and glad you managed to make it work! :slight_smile:
we’ll continue working on improving docs, demo pages etc.
Thanks again!