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Getting in Contact with Zeroqode

How do i get in contact with Zeroqode? Do they even have a support team? These templates and plugins are so buggy.

Hello, @tjbonitz.
Thanks for reaching out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are glad to inform you that we do indeed have a dedicated support team to assist you. You have already taken the right step by contacting us through the forum. In addition to that, we offer alternative channels of communication such as our email support@zeroqode.com and the intercom chat available on our website zeroqode.com. Please feel free to choose the option that suits you best.

If you have specific examples of bugs that you would like to report, we would greatly appreciate it. To ensure effective bug reporting, we recommend referring to this thread (How to create a bug report 🪲). It provides guidelines on how to report bugs accurately, which ultimately helps us address them more efficiently.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The first thing isnt so much a bug but just that the google api set up tutorial is not up to date. Has been that way for two years. I think I finally have the stripe plugin fixed but now their are also issues with mapbox in this Ridely template i just purchased. I followed the set up guide but I cant get basic things to work.


We removed the Google Calendar API course from our Zeroqode LAB Courses list some time ago due to the reason you mentioned. It was using the outdated Bubble interface. If you have any questions about it, please let us know.

If you have encountered any issues with the Ridely template, I assume you have already reported them via our Intercom chat on the zeroqode.com website. Allow me to investigate your report first, and I will provide you with feedback through that channel. In the event that the Ridely bug report was not submitted by you, please use the bug report thread as a reference and provide specific details regarding the issues you are experiencing with the Ridely template here.

If you have encountered any instances of unclear or unhelpful points in the template or plugin documentation, or if you have any feedback regarding the setup guide, please provide specific examples here. We value your feedback and will carefully review it to take appropriate action.

Thank you. :sunflower:

Not the calendar api, it is the google maps api, its needs more of the apis unlocked than what your tutorial shows. But I was able to fix this with google support.

There were also issues where I needed to add Bearer in front of the keys that was not talked about in the template or plugin documentation.

There are issues though specifically with Zeroqode plugins that Stripe and Bubble havent been able to help with.

I have followed the setup guide and reread and reread, but the Stripe plugin is not working properly. I had to add things to the workflow that werent there in the create a session for adding a card to payment methods. Now since i have added the proper workflow according to your own plugin documentation, I can go through the checkout session on the edit version, but it does not work on live. It just stops.

With mapbox, it is a similar issue. The mapbox plugin works fine with edit version, but the second i go to live, the map doesnt even show up. The api tokens were all added in the same manner so not sure what test works and live doesnt.

Hello, @tjbonitz!

I’m afraid, we never had a Zeroqode LAB tutorial/course dedicated to Google Maps API. Can you please clarify what exactly you are referring to here?

Would you please provide more information on this issue? The details you provide on this matter will help us improve our template documentation and help other users avoid the template setup difficulties.

Please provide more details on the issue you have mentioning the plugin name you had issues with, use case description, and plugin setup with screenshots and/or video recording of the issue reproduce.

It can happen because you are using Stripe test keys in your Bubble application. To provide a clearer explanation, we have to know exactly what you were trying to achieve with the screenshots from the app (setup). Please provide some context to let us understand how can we help you.

Please provide more details on your use case including plugin setup screenshots and the screenshot from the browser console (perhaps there are some errors logged in it).

We will be glad to help you with the issues you have faced but please provide more details to make it possible for us to investigate your reports.

Thank you :sunflower: