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Gigster template question

I previewed Gigster template but found no way to post a request or post a job as the client user.

BTW, is there any chance I have a look at the app in the app editor before purchasing the template?

Hi @zhu0557, thanks for reaching out and interest in our templates.

The current template doesn’t provide an option to post a request/job by a client user, it is allowed only to vendors. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Allow me to mention that all our templates are fully customizable, and it is possible to change almost any design/functional part. So you can add option on your own (solid Bubble skills are needed).

Unfortunately, we don’t provide access to the app editor before purchase. You can check the template functionality by trying its Demo version on: https://marketplacefiverr.bubbleapps.io/
And see the updated supporting documentation on: Gigster - Gigs like Fiverr Template - Zeroqode Documentation

Hope it helps. Please let me know if I can help with any other template-related question :wink: