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Gigster Template - Seller Service Sold Notification

Hello -

I’m testing on the Gigster app in development mode. When I purchase a gig order on the buyer side, I do see the notification of the order on the seller side. When I on the “Notifications” link in the header I see “You just sold a website to tester” then I click the “View” button it takes me to my purchases page as a buyer.

I can’t see the item I sold or a page that allows me to provide the deliverable to the buyer. Seems there should be a separate dashboard for the buyer and another one for the seller. The buyer dashboard is there but where is the seller dashboard with a list of all the services they has sold?

Hi @ericpannell,

Thanks for reaching out. Sure, let me provide insights on where you’re able to see the ‘Sold Items’. If you registered a seller account, go to your profile:

Then scroll down to locate the second section with ‘Purchased Items’, and you’ll be able to find Sold Items list:

Hope it helps.