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Gigster Template

Hello, does the Gigster template allow the user to see who is “online” and be able to sort according to who is online? I know it sounds small, but for our use it would be perfect.

Hello, @pptomaha

Thank you for reaching out.

The Gigster template has a built-in “sort by” feature, however, in order to allow the user to see who is online and to be able to sort according to who is online the template needs to be customized, particularly in the database, you will have to add status to the database in order to be able to sort by being online or offline.

To customize the template more efficiently, I highly recommend you to take some Bubble courses on Zeroqode Lab or Bubble.
Particularly for your use case, I would recommend this course Projects & Tasks App like TeamSpace Course | Zeroqode Lab, in this course, you will learn how to customize the “sort by” feature, and will be ready to implement it in your template.

Hope it helps.

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