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Gmail Plug in + HTML

Hi all,

I am working with the bubble rich text editor and want to use “Send HTML email” however the rich text editor input is in BB code.

I can get around this with findandreplace but one issue I am facing is the \n BB markup. When I attempt to findandreplace this no text comes through on the email.

Wondering if anyone has found a work around for this?


I figured it out using regex

Hello @tim2 thank you for reaching out!

Glad to know that you managed to find a solution. In case of any further questions please let me know and I will do my best to provide all needed assistance.

Best Regards,

How did you do this? Can you post your workflow? I am struggling with using the Rich Text Editor and just receiving HTML code instead. Why is this not easier @zeroqode :cry:

Help please. :blush: See note above: Gmail Plug in + HTML

Hello @jay. Thanks for reaching out.

If you are using the Bubble Rich Text Editor plugin, then, I suppose, you should reach out to the Bubble support team with this request.

But if you are using the Zeroqode Rich Text Editor, then please provide me with the detailed description of your setup and the issue you are facing. This information will help me understand your issue and find the best way to resolve it.

Thank you for understanding.