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Gmail Plugin HTML Draft

I know you can create and send an html formatted email, but can you create an html formatted draft?


Hey Brian,
yes, the plugin has a call named “Create a Draft” see the screenshot:

He is asking if you can create an HTML draft. The plugin only has what seems at first glance plain txt draft action.

Are you saying the ‘Create Draft’ will accept html?

not sure, to be honest, needs experimenting. I’d suggest subscribing to the plugin and playing with it for a day or 2. If unsubscribed after you won’t be charged for the full month, only for the actual number of days used

classic zeroqode quality right there. why not have one of your devs spend 1-2 days on the plaid plugin to make sure it works.

it does work, and if any issues are found, please report them and we’ll fix those