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Gmail Send HTML Email Capabilities


What are the limitations to the type of HTML tags that this plugin can accept when using the “Send HTML Email” capability? I have HTML code that I validated works (currently using it when sending via Outlook, as well as confirmed runs and produces the expected results on https://codebeautify.org/htmlviewer/). While troubleshooting, I stripped the (body) Message down to: image for example.

The email successfully sends, however when I open the email, there is nothing in the body of the email. I would expect the body of the email to contain a “7” that is linked to “https://google.com”.

For reference, this was originally posted on the Bubble forum here - https://forum.bubble.io/t/gmail-full-small-business-edition-enterprise-edition/18729/34



Hello @dillon.blakes

Than you for reaching out.

We will inspect the reported issue and will do our best to help you. I will keep you updated.

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Hi @alex.grimacovschi

Any update on this? I am stuck trying to use the gmail send html email feature. From what I can tell it can only send the most simple html but nothing more robust like I can use in actual gmail.


Hello @dillon.blakes,

Our team is analyzing the issue reported by you. I will get back to you once we will have any updates.
Thank you for understanding!

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Try to find and replace https:// by nothing. Let me know if it works :slight_smile:


Hello @jv.hirigoyen,

Thank you very much!

We tested this and yes it works for this case. Currently, we are testing more complex use cases.

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Just removing HTTPS:// enabled the email to send with the very simple example of a link, but all in-line styling still prevented any emails from sending.

Rather than removing HTTPS:// entirely, doing a find and replace on “:” with : fixed the issues.