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Gmail small business error - email body doesn't send


Hey everyone,

Made this automated workflow that sends emails from the users Gmail account after they switch a button. The triggering of the custom event/workflows goes fine as well as the actual sending (and receiving) of emails. However the emails are sent without the body message included. I’ve tried both dynamically populated or regular text.

Below is a video of the problem. Would appreciate any suggestions or help. Thanks!

Edit: iframes don’t work, here’s a direct link to the video: https://storyxpress.co/video/k85ou7f5f26n5uoua


Hans, greetings!

Sorry for the delay. Our Tech Team is working on your request at the moment. As soon as there will be any information, I let you know.

Thanks for understanding. Take care,


Hey Kate,

Hope you had a good weekend. Any updates here?



Hello, @hansdekk

Thank you, hope you had a nice weekend too.
We are on the changes verification stage. The bugs were defined. Soon I will inform you, when you can update and check the plugin work. Just a little bit more time needed. Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:



Thanks, no problem. Just happy to know it was a bug and it’s found.

Have a great week ahead!


Hello, @hansdekk

We have fixed a few issues and updated the Gmail for Small Business plugin. Could you please update it on your side to the latest version, check and confirm that your problem with this plugin is resolved?

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Hey @kate,

working now - thanks a lot to you and the team.

All the best,