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Gmail - Small Business

I bought and installed this plugin but can not see how to activate any of its functionality. Is there no documentation other than marketing/sales blurb on this plugin?

Hi @danny sorry about that. We have acquired a pack of plugins a while ago and still trying to catch up with building demo pages for all of those.
Meanwhile, i’d suggest you to look at Google Calendar demo page https://zeroqode-demo-11.bubbleapps.io/google-calendar
editor: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=google-calendar&id=zeroqode-demo-11&tab=tabs-1
i know it’s a different plugin but the idea is the same
first you need to authenticate the user and you can do it in a similar fashion.
Then making the calls are also done very similarly to the ones in the demo above.
If you are in trouble however, please let us know, and we’ll try to put up together a demo for this plugin shortly.
My apologies again
and thanks for the purchase

Hi Levon
Thanks for the examples. I can see how that hangs together and tried to do similar but with no success. I am new to Bubble and use of Google API’ sother than Map is also quite new for me. Can you give me some guidance at least on which API keys should I get and what the call will be (i.e. from Server or Browser etc.) Any help will be appreciated.
Kind regards

Hi Danny,
let’s start with the API keys, here is a guide how to create them. https://forum.bubble.is/t/how-to-google-services-client-id-secret/18845
let’s do this and then move on to the next steps.

This looks like an awesome plugin but had a quick question for @levon or anyone else who knows about this plugin…

I have several gmail for business accounts that I ideally want to be able to login with each account and then be able to search emails across the accounts. Would this plugin achieve that or does it only allow one user to login and then search emails from that one user account that has logged in.

Thanks in advance


Hi Dom, this plugin allows one user to log in with one account. The user can relogin to chose a different account but not multiple accounts at the same time

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This plugin looks amazing. I am looking to use it on my current application. I’d like to know if I can trigger workflows after I receive and email from a specified sender. Is there any way to pull the senders email address every time I receive a new email?

Hi @jaryd, thanks for reaching out.

The above-described functionality, where the email of the sender is retrieved can be done through the Bubble’s functionality.
On the live setup you can test the feature that retrieves the email from the message ID, please check the screenshot for reference.
In order to see how the messages/email address is retrieved, check the ‘Design’ and ‘Workflows’ tabs.
As well, take a look at what is responsible for the ‘payload’ and ‘header’ fields - REST Resource: users.messages  |  Gmail API  |  Google Developers

To better understand how the information about the messages are retrieved you can copy the setup, place a repeating group with a text element inside it. The text element will display the data from the message (including the email address).
You can then add a Workflow that will retrieve/extract the email and display it with a notification.
To create and display the notifications, it is needed to create a webhooks, please check the below documentation from Google - Push Notifications  |  Gmail API  |  Google Developers

Let me know if this helped, or if there is anything else we can assist you with