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Google and Facebook plugins

I’ve two questions about the integrations with Google and Facebook services.

  1. Registration and login in with Google, Is it possible to do that in the app build in Booble? If so, what I need to do to make this happened?

2.Integrations that allow my future users to retrieve data directly from Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel API’s. Is it possible to do that also in the app build in Booble?

sorry for such a late reply, i completely missed this post.
for both questions the answer is yes. There are ready-made plugins for Bubble that allow you authenticate your users with Google or Facebook and let them access Google Analytics. There is a plugin that installed Facebook Pixel into your app but I don’t there is a plugin for accessing Facebook Pixel APIs’. even if there is not it’s always possible to configure a custom API connection using Bubble’s API connector plugin.
hope this helps
Please let me know
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