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Google Autocomplete not working in reusable

I have the Fastest Googleautocomplete working fine as per the first video below. But when I try and include in a reusable element, it no longer works as per the second video. I have done multiple copies and paste to ensure everything is identical, but cannot get to work. Is there something additional I need to do for a reusable?


Hello @SerPounce, thank you for reaching out!

No, settings of the plugin with reusable elements are the same as with simple pages. First of all please make sure you have the latest version of the plugin. Secondly, please check if you place the plugin’ element, “GoogleAutocomplete” in the reusable element and not on the page where you are using the reusable.

If that is that is already done please share screenshots or video with the settings of the search box and plugin’ element.

Best Regards,