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Google Calendar API Calls (video course)


So I have tried and partially successfully executed API calls with the Google Calendar plugin. I have followed the video course step by step and have been able to witness the appropriate result to some extent.

I have made it to video 6 up until actually booking with the ‘current page user’. however, in attempting this, I received an error message about the time format being invalid. I couldn’t recreate the error message because I ran into another issue, which has been the case many times in following the course, my URI redirects are “invalid”. However, they never changed. I’m not very tech savvy, so I need help understanding what I doing wrong. here are some screen shots of what I think needs to be seen.

This is a list of my URI redirects. Initially the last two weren’t there. But I added them after receiving the ‘error’ message earlier in creating the call and it seemed to have worked.


This is the ‘error’ message of invalid URI redirects. As you can, at least I think, this URI is in my list of URI redirects.

This is a screenshot of the information instructed by the video for the use case.

Here’s the JSON object


Also, please explain what this means.

16%20PM 38%20PM

again. I was partially successful with the first half of the course, but then I regress. I was under the impression that having the ‘offline’ token access box checked will allow for unlimited token retrievals.

please help.

I also did a screen recording of what I’m experiencing but I’m not sure of how to share it.

@Dumitru I sent you the screen recording via email of what I’m experiencing. I would greatly appreciate it if you can take a look and let me know what you see the problem may be.

also, here’s the link to my editor:

Hello @antoniogaffney5.

Regarding the URI mismatch issue, you’ll need to check a checkbox in API connector. It is the use generic redirect URI, which I saw that you did not check and add in your Google Authorized URI console. Please try this out and see the login process now.

About the issue with the invalid format, have you checked other date format types? Normally it is (formatted according to RFC3339). A time zone offset is required unless a time zone is explicitly specified in timeZone . (Google Calendar Source)

Please check this, and let us know if it worked.


Thank you @Dumitru for getting back with me. as far as the time format, it was a mistake that I made. it’s been corrected.

I’m able to go through the workflow up to the point where I can book an event and place it on the google calendar via the api call. What I’m confused about now is that if I wait for some time, come back and refresh the very same page where I booked the event, I then get this:


I then have to go through the whole process of authorizing the user, again before I can create another event. Is this supposed to happen? how often will this error message occur? how will this affect my type of app.

My is going to be a booking site where I have two types of user (professionals and clients). Professionals will have the need to utilize the service where they allow their clients to book an appointment with them via their user page via the app.

The client will visit the professional’s user page where they will be able to see the services that the professional offers.

They will likely already have an account before trying to book with the professional, but if they don’t, when they click on a calendars date, I will show a popup that request that the client create an account then the service that they want along with the time and date will be available for them.

I need to know if I am going about this the right way and if they video tutorial is the appropriate use case for what I am trying to accomplish.

Sorry for the long description, but I am just trying to get it going and this is the major component to my app aside from payment and subscription setup.

I really appreciate your time.

Hello, @antoniogaffney5

Regarding the issue with you’re getting it should not occur, once a user is authorized and given access into the app via Google sign in method you’re pretty much set to use it.
Please follow the recommendation: ; it seems some miscofigurations are present in your google console either token expired or invalid.

About the booking system you’re setting, yes video could be a start to look forward to implement a booking system.



Another question. l enrolled in the course because I thought that it would be the appropriate setup for how my app is going to function. However, that isn’t the case.

My question now is…how can I utilize these instructions with my app? because the major issue that I see is that when a user logs into my app, their email and pw are already set. They will then choose a professional from a list of professionals to request their services. The instructions from the video (‘when the page is loaded’/‘when book button is clicked’) says to log the user out first.

That poses a problem with the way my app functions. I’m hoping you can maybe make some suggestions as to what approach I can take to let the user gain access to the ‘current page user’s’ calendar where they can book their services.

There would be a list of services displayed first with a ‘book’ button to select that service. then, ideally, i want them to then pick a date on the 'current page user’s calendar for the date and time of the appointment that they are booking.

Again, your help is GREATLY appreciated :smile:

Hello, @antoniogaffney5.

Well why don’t just remove the step “logout the user” from on page is loaded event? I mean you need a user to be logged in to register a booking.
You could as well create a scenario when a user is logged in the create a booking for the period and all the data necesary, write it to DB and send an email to professional for requested services.
The receiver (professional) will then log in to their account and see his booking page with a period booked by another user (customer) . You could create conditions for both types of users, like when professional is logged in he/she sees on type of calendar with booked periods. If customer he sees the other type of calendar with ability to book a period to request a service.
There are however different scenarios which you could explore, and test things out. Right now I see that you’re trying with Google Calendar, but maybe try it out with a simple calendar inside the app.
Hope this helps