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Google calendar issue: no calendar is retrieved

So, I have bought the google calendar offline plugin and I am also using the free version.

I insert the clientid and the client secret, in the app id and app secret respectively. I authorize all URLs including those that redirect me. This way, I manage to go through all the pages of authentication when I click a button that signs me in to google.

However, I do not get any data in the end. there is no calendar that is being retrieved. In the demo of the plugin I can do that, so there must be something with my configuration of the cloud platform. do you have any idea why this happens?

should I insert the api key of the cloud platform somewhere?

Hello @senad,

Just left you a PM. I am sorry for the late reply.
It is needed to enter the Client ID and the Client Secret key inside the plugin’s settings. There is no need to insert the API key of the Cloud Platform.

I would recommend you to try to create a new project (perhaps with a different email) and check if the new credentials will work for you.

Hope this helps.