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Google Calendar + Offline Feature Request


Hello @levon I just purchased the Google Calendar + Offline plugin but as it is, there is currently no way to create an “all day event”. I would like to request you add that to the plugin.

To make it easy, I have tried and tested the following API Call in test plugin and it worked, so you would just need to incorporate it into your existing plugin:



Hi Mariano
thanks for the suggestion,
I have added the additional call to the plugin, please upgrade to the latest version in order to try
thanks for making it easier :slight_smile:


Thank you @levon for such a quick turn-around!



Hi @levon. Would it be possible to add a description field to the plugin?

"description": string,

I think in general it would be a great place to add dynamic data related to the event being created.

Although I currently have need for the all-day event, I imagine this would also be useful for the “create calendar event” action.



Hi Mariano,
done for both calls
please upgrade


Hello Levon, Thank you so much!