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Google Calendar + Offline Feature Request

Hello @levon I just purchased the Google Calendar + Offline plugin but as it is, there is currently no way to create an “all day event”. I would like to request you add that to the plugin.

To make it easy, I have tried and tested the following API Call in test plugin and it worked, so you would just need to incorporate it into your existing plugin:


Hi Mariano
thanks for the suggestion,
I have added the additional call to the plugin, please upgrade to the latest version in order to try
thanks for making it easier :slight_smile:

Thank you @levon for such a quick turn-around!


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Hi @levon. Would it be possible to add a description field to the plugin?

"description": string,

I think in general it would be a great place to add dynamic data related to the event being created.

Although I currently have need for the all-day event, I imagine this would also be useful for the “create calendar event” action.


Hi Mariano,
done for both calls
please upgrade

Hello Levon, Thank you so much!

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Is there a way to make it so that event attendees are not visible? I know it’s an option within google calendar to set whether invitees can see each other’s details and it’s possible to toggle it through zapier, just couldn’t see how to do it using the plugin.

Hi @kefa.kabanga,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please relate a bit more on what you are trying to accomplish? In case you don’t want to display your event attendees so they are not visible, you can simply ignore this state:


From Retrieve Calendar Event item data call.

Hi Alex,
When the event is made in Google Calendar, all the attendees can see each others’ contact details within Google Calendar. So the issue is not in retrieving the attendees into bubble from events in Google Calendar, it’s that Google Calendar events made in Bubble show the details of the attendees of the event to all the attendees. I would like to have it so that the event guest list is hidden.


Another attendee related issue is that when an event is created and the attendees are left blank:


The plugin still creates an attendee for some reason called [email protected]



Oh, @kefa.kabanga

Thanks a lot for clarifying. Please let us dive a bit deeper into plugin code to check on this dummy data that seems to be passed for attendee.

I’ll get back to you asap! :pray:

Hi @kefa.kabanga,

We fixed this issue. We added a new action which creates an event without attendees. Now, you are able to choose between 2 actions if you will: with and without attendees. Please let us test it out so everything works properly and deploy the new version. I’ll get back to you with second reply asap.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

Thanks -

  1. I look forward to the deployment that allows events with no attendees.

  2. What about modifications to whether attendees can see the guest list?

  3. Is it possible to make modifications to events (not just creating and deleting but changing times and dates or proposing new times/dates like one can using Outlook’s desktop calendar)

Good news @kefa.kabanga,

We pushed the latest version with new fixes! Please upgrade the plugin and give it a try with the new action to create events without attendees.

Sorry but I’m confused a bit. The attendees are added to your guest list, so if you don’t add attendees to your event, there would be no guests in your list. Could you please relate?

Yes, you are able to edit events by using Edit Event action. You can see all the available features in the Plugins tab:


Thanks @alexander,

I’ve been able to upgrade to the new version.

On Google Calendar, event creators are given the choice to let the guests they invite have certain permissions / powers.


They can let the guests they invite either modify events, invite others, or see the guest list. Event creators can also choose to restrict such abilities so that their guests do not have these permissions.

The plugin does not seem to allow event creators to set guest permissions. I would like to use this functionality, to allow app users who create events to control what their attendees can and can’t do in terms of modifying the events, inviting others, or seeing the guest list of other attendees.

As for the third thing, thanks for pointing out the “Edit Event” call. What I was referring to wasn’t as much editing, so much as proposing a new time.


The edit event call doesn’t allow a user to propose a new time, only to change it:

I’d like attendees to be able to propose new times to event creators without modifying the event itself, just as you can with Google Calendar.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks @kefa.kabanga for feedback!

I’m afraid it is not possible with our plugin, but let me check on it with our developers, then come back with another reply.


Hi @kefa.kabanga,

We investigated your questions with our developers. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to use the permission setting and proposing a time features. The plugin works as is, but we’ve taken your feedback into account for possibility of future improvements if feasible.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the clarification..