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Google calendar offline issue

Hi guys @alexandru.rusnac @zeroqode,
I subscribed to the plugin Calendar Google offline, did everything as stated in the plugin and it still does not work. The same message keeps appearing stating invalid authentication credentials. The first time I signed in to authorize the app I could get data from my calendar associated, but after that in never worked again. The way my user is structured is that the main email is never a gmail account because it is for my employees so it is company email used. Could that be a problem?

Hi @paulogustavopeixoto,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. Everything is up-and-running and it should be on your side as well if everything is configured properly.

Have you actually followed our demo only? Because we have dedicated docs with setup instructions, so could you please be so kind to give it a try again and make sure it is configured as per docs.

Perhaps you can also try to reset your Secret ID and paste it into your Plugins tab again.


Hi @alexandru.rusnac

YEs I followed everything in that documentation previously, and yet it still doesnt seem to want to work. It connects to google and then redirects me back to the page but nothing shows up and that invalid credentials error shows up. Its weird because I want my app to be able to connect to google calendar to make my employees life easier but it doesnt seem to work.

Thanks @paulogustavopeixoto for confirming.

In this case, could you please share screenshots and/or screencast of your plugin configurations, the full error message and exact steps to reproduce the error, as well as your Google Console setups so we can have a better troubleshooting then provide working solutions asap.

Also, could you please explain what you are trying to accomplish with this plugin? In case you want your employees to connect to a single account, then in this case you’d require a Service Account instead. As this scenario is not possible with the Offline plugin.

Looking forward for your input.

@alexandru.rusnac So I will send you a private message of what I am trying to accomplish. But I want my employees to connect to their own accounts not a single one.