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Google Calendar Reoccurring Event Start and End Dates are not correct

Reoccurring calendar event start and end dates are always returning the original event’s start and end date.

But that’s what Google stores in that field and we cannot change that. Maybe Google API has some other field that indicates the start/date time of the particular instance, you can check that in the list of available fields that plugin returns.

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There is a parameter called singleEvents that if set to true returns the correct start and end date/times for the recurring events.

Whether to expand recurring events into instances and only return single one-off events and instances of recurring events, but not the underlying recurring events themselves. Optional. The default is False. (boolean)

Would it be possible for you to add it?

done, please update the plugin version and give it a try.

It worked perfectly! Thx

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great, congrats! :slight_smile: