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Google Calendar Tutorial Needed


Hi, I just purchased (subscribed to) the Google calendar offline plugin… I’m struggling to get any events into the calendar I have on bubble. Is there any sort of tutorial for that plugin?



Mainly, I’m just wondering where to start…



Hey Jordan, I suggest you to take a look at this sample configuration of google sheets which should help you with setting the google calendar plugun in your own app.

however if you are still puzzled please let us know and we’ll try to create a sample specifically for calendar plugin.


Thanks so much for this – to be honest I’m still pretty puzzled. I do get how to setup the workflows, etc… Just confused (there are so many calendar options to choose from (as illustrated in my screenshot above), not sure which to pick…

Are all of these fields required?


If so, is there any documentation I can reference to know what to put in each?

Thanks! Sorry to waste your time on a non-coder like me, but if I can have success with this, I’ll be a lifelong subscriber and will surely utilize some of your other plugins :wink:


Thank you for this post. We will have the demo with step by steps ready by Monday. Once completed we will share it here.
Zeroqode team


Thanks very much! I look forward to seeing it.


Let me introduce the demo page for this plugin, where we did our best to apply as much as possible.
Looking forward to hear your comments, about possible improvements :slight_smile: