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Google Charts Plugin


Im using the google charts plugin. All fine with the exception that unlike all the other chart options im unable to apply a different colour. Is this me using the chart in corretly. Also is there any reason why there is no Column chart… This is not a compliant or bug… i subscribed knowing there was no Column chart. just interested as to why ?


we’ve just selected the most popular charts, because Google has tons of them and we couldn’t add all :slight_smile:


@Bubbleboy hello!

To add to what Levon said, regarding the color change for charts it can be done by going to a plugin property editor and in the property colours input change the color you’d like.

Please check this out! Thanks.



@Dumitru thanks yes i understand how to ajust colours… my comments was that this works for all charts but not the bar chart.


Hi @Bubbleboy.

I see, thanks for reporting. We’ll check this out.

After checking the plugin works this way for bar charts cause it uses the same series data structure present in the Google’s Charts.
Not possible to make changes in style for Bar Charts in Bubble, unfortunately.
However we improved the plugin with additional features in the latest version so please check it out :slight_smile:
Thanks for understanding.