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Google Classroom API


Could you suggest please any effective solution to integrate Google Classrom API into Bubble app (or another visual coding platform)?

If we watch the Bubble, there are no plugin to interact with Classroom API. Must I write my own Classroom plugin for Bubble in this case? Or can I just write come code directly in the Workflow API Editor in the Bubble?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @ivanlukyanov. Thanks for reaching out.

I can suggest you use the API Connector plugin and the Google Classroom APIs to make such integration. Here are some useful links on this matter, please take a look:

It will be better to use the API Connector plugin for this, I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this info will be useful for you.

Hello, Kate! Thanks for your reply!
Could you give me pls an example of filling out this form with Google OAuth Credentials?

I’ve just created a Client ID for Web application on the Google Cloud Platform and don’t understand how to match this data, and where to get the missing ones, in relation to working with Classroom


Apologies, but I can not provide you with the guide on how you can set the API call. This kind of assistance is beyond the Support duties. :pray:

Still, I have shared with you some links on Bubble Manuals that should teach you how to do this and what data you should fill in the fields in API Connector. Please check them and watch the educational video - it should help you with the task you have.


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