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Google Contacts Plugin on Bubble - results not populating

I’m having a hard time getting the contacts to populate. When you click the button, it sends you to the Google popup to authorize, that works. But when it redirects back to the page, the repeating group is not populated with results. Any suggestions?

Hey @anne,
Hope you are doing well,

So because Google stopped working on Google Contacts API, you need to connect People API in https://console.cloud.google.com.

  1. Choose to create API key using Google Contacts API
  2. Choose from where to allow making requests.
  3. Google will show a Pop-up with API Key.

I hope Google instruction will be clear for you, if not don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Thank you,

Nik -

Thanks so much! That worked!!! It took me a while to navigate the Google Console. They certainly don’t make things very easy. But it’s working and that’s all that matters! Thanks a lot.

If a user has already given us permission for us to retrieve their contacts, is there a way for us to know this so we can make the button unavailable to them and just display their contacts? I noticed that when I clicked the button to connect my contacts, this screen (shown below) came up. I had to hit the back button to return to the app. Then the contacts were there. I’m assuming that this is because I already authorized our app to retrieve my contacts. How do I avoid this for users?

Also, if I purchase the plugin, will the subscription just automatically end?

Thanks again!