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Google Drive API: bubble database to CSV and put in Google Drive


Hi, I want to automate my backup of the database things in by bubble app by exporting them to CSV’s.

I want to download these CSV directly to google drive or Dropbox.

Is it possible to use your API to send them to my google Drive?

If so, can you please help me to set up the API (not yet bought)
If not, is there an other way to do the trick?

Thanks a lot for your reaction



@marco Hello.

I could recommend you check the Google Drive (Service Acc.) - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/complete-google-drive-service-acc-1528978032696x958624210411847700
how it set and how it should be used.
The best way to automate is using this plugin.
Also you could schedule and API workflow event which will upload the file directly to drive every week let’s say.
Hope this helps. :pray: