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Google Drive plugin not same as advertised

Hi I purchased the Google Drive plugin & i am running 1.00 initial build. When I look on the zeroqode website the same plugin is called Google Drive (testing) and has a lot more calls in it?


Is there a difference? Has this not been pushed live yet?


Hello @simon

Thanks for reaching out!

I wanted to check if we’re on the same page here… We do have 2 Google Drive Plugins one is a standard Oauth 2 plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/google-drive-1515990978322x464277594894762000
and the other one is Service Type plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/google-drive-service-acc-1515990124485x984270430981587000.
Can you please show your plugin settings tab, which one is installed for sure so we could help you better?

Note: Both production and testing plugins are the same exact versions. No differences in calls, actions, events whatsoever.


This is plugin content I have

Plugin Content from your demo site

Hi, any update or do you need me to provide more information?


Hello @simon

Thanks for pointing out!

As far as I see, you’ve installed the free Drive version of plugin. Which indeed has just one Data Call.

The paid version is the one, which you’re seeing has the full list of plugin actions, events, calls on our demo page.
Please be sure to check in your Plugins -> Google Drive with this description:

Thanks for understanding.


Thanks got the right version - quite confusing having two plugins named the same!

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