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Google Drive Plugin Problems

Hello, I just purchased the google drive plugin and followed all the advise here in the forum and also in the sample file but I have two problems.

Although renaming, the uploaded file does not recognize the type of file.

When trying to preview the file, it shows a restricted permission error.

It is important to mention that if I login with the sample file you provide it get exactly the same results.

Please help


Hello @audaxias

Could you please provide more details regarding the issue, like screenshots/video, workflow setup of your app.
An steps to reproduce the issues.Thanks for understanding.


Here are the relevant screens of the procedure. As you can see the uploaded file is like the mimetype is not recognized but, trying the download the uploaded file to open it, I get no preview and and the error screen included.


auth%20screen%20scopes file%20uploaded workflow

@audaxias Hello.

For upload action please try the “Upload a File (base64)” action:
See that it works for your case. Thanks.

I worked fine. Thanks for your help.

Is there a file size limit for upload? Is this a uploadType= media? When I try to upload 10 Mb files, the problem returns and the files are not recognized by google drive just like before.


Hello, @audaxias

Yes, this is simple upload file for quick file transfer of small files 5MB or less.


Hello @audaxias

We pushed an update to Google Drive - Upload a File call to version 3. Check the latest version by upgrading plugin, try the action, refresh the app and give it a go.