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Google Embedder - Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides & Files - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Thank you for your reply…

before doing the purchase I’d like to confirm that it is possible to have a bubble variable that corresponds to the number of the slide that is currently being presented. Could you please confirm if it is possible or not?

Thanks ,



Hey Olivier, this doesn’t seem possible at the moment, but you can give it a try. By the way, when you subscribe to a plugin and use it only for 1 day you will be charged only for 1 day not the full month, so you have the freedom to experiment


Hey Levon, before I start tinkering with the plugin, is it possible to get any variable from the current state of the presentation? Maybe the title, or any other thing?


this plugin doesn’t let you get that information, however it’s possible to use API connector and connect to Google Slides API to get title and other information supplying the ID of the file I believe
but that would require the user to authenticate with their Gmail account first in order to provide access to their files. So this may turn more complicated I’m afraid


Thanks a lot for answering my questions…


Hey I just purchased this…and it doesn’t seem to be working. Right. I am trying to embed a google single sheet…I tried both sheet and whole thing…and get the same message. I went to your demo page…and you seem to be having the same issues.

IMAGE ONE_ your site
IMAGE 2 - trying to embed the single sheet
IMAGE 3- trying to embed the whole worksheet.

Thanks for your help.


Hi there,
thanks for the purchase.
The plugin is fine, but there was an issue with the demo page. It’s all fixed now. Please check

also, please note this:
When working with spreadsheets, please go to File - > Publish to the web and then use the ID of the document from the link that you will obtain if you want to display sheets in the embedder. For Edit sheet mode please use the sheet ID from the regular URL

Hope this helps,


Is this the link to use? I saw on another post to use the id starting after the “e/”


yes, but don’t include /pubhtml only whatever is between /…/


AHAAAA! Excellent that worked. Excuse my stupidity and thanks for the quick response and making all these plugins!


not at all, sorry for not making a better docs for the plugin, we’ll try to improve :slight_smile:


Hi Levon

Just bought the plugin and are able to “embed” the google doc
but… I need the google doc to be able to shrink if the page is small.
When I check my page on my iPhone I only see half of the page width.

so my question is: can I (or you) make the plugin to auto shrink to page width?

Thanks a lot!


Hello, @marco.

Thanks for your support and report. However it is not possible to shrink the content to page width since it is emebbed as is in the google docs. If the content inside is bigger than viewport it will be displayed as you said half the screen but can be scrolled inside it to view the rest.



Before purchasing this plugin, I wanted to check the availability of some functionality.

I want to generate a downloadable file in an editable format (ideally docx or Google Doc) from inputs on a Bubble page which are inserted into particular parts of a document template. Would you confirm if this is possible with this/any other of your plugins?


Hello @david.simons

For your scenario the current plugin will not work as it’ll only embed documents inside web page. The solution I can think of is, by using RG to CSV plugin - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/repeating-group-to-csv-1525781404285x727100664288903200
You’ll want to create a workflow which will write data into DB from inputs, you’ll when create a repeating group of these data and by using the plugin you’ll be able to download an editable csv format file.
Hope this helps.



Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for the advice. Would you confirm that I can save the csv to the database, too, as a file in the same way as I can with the Page to PDF converter?



Edit> I have now put this question into the rg to csv plugin forum area. Sorry about that.