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Google Embedder - Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides & Files - New Plugin from Zeroqode


We have just published a new plugin - Google Embedder - Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides & Files.

This plugin allows you to embed any google document like Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides & Files into your app.
Using this plugin can’t be any easier. Simply place it on any page and configure necessary details in the plugin properties .

Here is a quick demo - https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/google-embed

and this is the plugin page - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/google-embedder---docs-sheets-forms-slides--files-1530095149203x337236498854707200

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi @levon,

I’m very interested in your plugin, but I am wondering if it requires an API ?

I am also using your Google Sheets plugin so I was wondering how could I use the spreadsheet ID I created with the “Google Sheets - Create spreadsheet” action in the Google Embed plugin ?

Thank you !


Hi Marc, Google Embedder plugin doesn’t require API.
you can use dynamic values for the Spreadsheet ID in the Google Embedder referring the ID you created through the Google Sheets plugin. you can either save it in the database and then use that value in the Google Embedder or if it’s done within the same session then you can use custom states to pass the value from one plugin to the other, makes sense?


I believe I understood what you meant. So for the spreadsheet ID I used “Get Data from External API” I choose “Google Sheets - Get Spreadsheets(Data) SpreadsheetID”.

The only problem I have is that it doesn’t show anything when I load the page.


you need to debug it to understand why it is empty. both plugins work correctly. Must be some of the settings (most likely in the Google Sheets plugin)



They are clearly saying that they can’t show the content for safety reasons… Have no idea how to do it ?


obviously the permissions of the spreadsheet do not allow it to be opened by public. You need to change the permissions i think


Hi Levon,

Your plugin works fine when I insert a value for the spreadsheetID. But it doesn’t show anything when I ask it to show the spreadsheet I saved in the database :


Have any idea what I might of got wrong ? I did send the data “Table des attributs” to the page where I want to display the spreadsheet. I use Current Page Table des Attributs SpreadsheetID for the inputs of the plugin… I have been scratching my head all afternoon on that…

Thank you for your time !


This plugin doesn’t work at all for me. I copy the document ID and put it into the new element. The document doesn’t show up. I know for a fact that the document is public (i’ve tried every single option). However, I copied one of the IDs from your demo and it works fine. So what am I doing wrong with my documents?

As of right now, this has been a complete waste of money.


Hey Joey,
i’m sure, we’ll find the issue and resolve it, no worries
In order for us to troubleshoot this, please share screenshots of plugin settings and related workflows (if any).
also, please past the Document link so we check the access settings as well.
and also we’d need the run-mode URL so we can preview your page


Hi, was there a resolution to this issue? I just purchased the plug-in and am taking it for a test drive. I come up with the “docs.google.com refused to connect”. Permissions are set to “Public on the web”. Any advice as to how to resolve would be appreciated.



Hello, the plugin works as expected - (see the demo page) - in order to troubleshoot your case we’d need the same as I asked above, links to the documents you are trying to show as well as access to your app (please add [email protected] as a collaborator)


Hi , i am using this plugin , but i have some challenges ,the docs not display and it show me : unable to open the file " , hopefully you can help me it please :

  • i am saving the Document link in the database
  • use this link [copy it from google shareable link ] as Doc ID !! please check the screen shots


Hello, @ciscotreasure.

Let me guide you.

  1. Step, go do Google Drive search for desired document and publish it to the web. Copy the part of the link as shown below which is the ID you need. (Screen attached)

  2. Step, in your Bubble app, paste the link ID in the plugin box for Display Document. (Screen attached)

  3. Step, get the Display Result. (Screen attached)

For other types of documents and action repeat the same process.



Thanks a lot for your support Dumitru , really appreciate it … what i am trying to do here is : let some users submit the shareable link in the input field .

  • After the users copy the shareable link they will directly submit the whole shareable link not just the ID , unless if i explain to them how they can do it , exactly as you mentioned in your message …to make the process more easier : is there any other method to let the users submit the whole shareable link after they copy it without the need to cut the ID only and paste it on the input field after that ?



you can process their link in order to get only the ID before supplying that input to the plugin.
You could use one of these Bubble’s operators (Regex can be especially helpful)


Thanks Levon for the support ,you mean i can let the users paste the shareable link [ Whole link ] in the input field ,and with the " extract with Regex" option i can select only the ID ?.If yes , what is the regex pattern in this case ?


Yes, this is correct, you would need to figure out the regex partner yourself :slight_smile:
if the ID is always the same length of characters than you could use Bubble’s :truncate and :truncate from the end operators.
perhaps :extract could work as well


Hi Levon,

Can I use this plugin to see a Google slide presentation in Presentation mode (move from slide to slide in Full Screen). Also does it allow me to see the speaker’s notes?




Hi @olivierbuigues.

To answer both questions, is yes and yes. Please try it here on our demo page - https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/google-embed

Zeroqode Team.