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Google & Facebook data doesn't autopopulate

Hey! I’ve successfully added the google and FB login and sign up option but the info from the user doesn’t pull into the HOMEBNB template…it asks the user to fill out first, last name and pic…

Is this normal? Seems redundant to have a sign up or login and then ask the user to enter more data…

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 9.55.29 PM

Hi @chris3, thanks for your question.

Kindly check if you:

  • indicated right the source from where it should be the information taken (first/last name, picture),
  • Facebook and Google related API are inserted right,
  • indicated steps that refresh the user’s personal information, etc.

Also, please check the sequence of the workflow steps, in case they are overlapping in the signing process, you need to use custom states, that hide related inputs if user is logged in by Google/Facebook account.

Hope it helps.