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Google Sheets and Charts plugin: How to start?

Hi There

Yesterday I bought this plugin, but nobody can send me information how to start and where to put data in

Lets start with this: I bought this plugin because I’m NOT a programmer…:wink:
So when I open the plugin and see this, I’m already finished…

Thanks for helping me filling the empty fields


Hi Marco, let’s first try to understand what are you trying to build? jus to be sure you bought the right plugin

BEFORE buying I have asked Zeroqude, so I do not understand why asking?
Here my chat before buying

Hi, I’m trying to build an app for our company.
We use a lot of different google sheets

These sheets are filled by users, but most of them are a connection of Jotform and Zapier.

there are several needs:

  1. search in the data based on search of parts of all columns (that includes image url’s that need to be shown as an image

  2. make data and write the data row in sheets

  3. make/edit fields and write the change into sheets

  4. import/show pivot tables

  5. import/show graphs

  6. if nessecary for speed: sync data with bubble database (I use now update new row in Zapier for that, but that is not the complete thing and does not allow empty fields that we have in files and forms)

The answer was:

Sorry for the trouble, we’re working on improving the products with as much details as possible including demos and documentation.
We should have for these Google Sheets plugins, demos in foreseeable future.
However for the requests you, think that Google Sheets & charts (Service Account) should be the way to go.
Here is the documentation for it: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-sheets-and-charts-service-plugin

Hope this helps.

Can you please tell me shortly which point requested is included?
And how to pay?? Via bubble account?
What about updates?

With the incomlete answer:

Marco all our plugins are made for Bubble and so it’ll go though bubble platform the payment. Yes, you’ll need to create account for the app in bubble to use it with plugin.
We’re always improving and fixing if needed our products, so any updates available can be applied via bubble editor for the plugins or roll back.
There are quite a few points which you pointed which are included, yet there is small list

The API lets your apps:
Import, export and format Sheets data
Control conditional formatting
Build and edit charts embedded in a sheet
Configure data validation
Create and update named and protected ranges
Add and adjust filtered views
Create and manipulate pivot tables
and more.

So, Im now for 2 days in a row WAITING on the right answers and HELP instead of more questions…
It would be nice to answer my question for HELP with information how to install the Plugin and work with it

Hi Marco, sorry for asking the question, but i wanted to make sure that you are using the right plugin and i wasn’t aware of your communication with my colleague. Sorry
Service plugins allow using Google Service account created and managed by only one user (you)
while Oauth plugins allow to access files created by your users.
It seems that you’ve made the right choice, but just wanted to double check
Just in case here is the link to understand better what are service accounts

I"m afraid as a non-technical user it might be difficult for you to configure this plugin, but you can try.
here is the documentation for the plugin (it was in the plugin’s description)
here is the guide on how to get the keys to use in the plugin
if this is too overwhelming we have a service that automatically generates the keys (it costs $20)

if this is too overwhelming we’d recommend seeking for freelance developer help (Bubble forum is a good place for that)
thank you

Hi Levon

Can you make the keys for me?
I still do not have seen the documentation how to use the plugin parameters in Bubble…



Hi Marco,
we are preparing the demo page and will make the key generator tool free so you can make the keys yourself.
It may take some time I’m afraid

Hi Marco,
we have just created the demo page and docs:
Demo run-mode: https://zeroqode-demo-16.bubbleapps.io/google_sheets_charts_service
Demo editor: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=google_sheets_service&id=zeroqode-demo-16&tab=tabs-1

Docs: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-sheets-and-charts-service-plugin-1
Hope this helps
sorry for the delay

Hi Levon,

see the screenshot…

Hello @marco.

Seems like you used a wrong link in the Spreadsheet ID input, it should be the ID of the document not the sharable link. Also don’t forget to open access to editing of the sheet.

Zeroqode Team.

This is the error message when the file is nog public shared…
Why not working with a key?

But it works, I can write to the file

Question is how to connect the complete document to Bubble so that is is searchable.

What I need is to:
search a unique number and give back the complete row
search for all unique items in a column
use all unique items (car brands) in a column for dropdown in bubble so that the next dropdown can show all unique items relevant in a second dropdown box (car models)



Con you please give a reaction on my previous post?

Thanks a lot!


Hi, @marco.

Sorry seems like a missed post. We’ll see what it can be done with the search options and offer insight asap here.
Thanks for understanding.

Hi Dumitru,

when do you think you can help me with this?

I have to go further because my development is standing stil right now…

Thanks a lot for your understanding!

Hello, @marco

Sorry for late response, we’re still working on handling and testing the possibility of above mentioned use case. Please bear with us here, it may take some time.
Thanks for patience and understanding.

@marco Hello.

Sorry again for a late response here, we tried to make the plugin customizable however did not come to a result.
So in the end configured a workflow using bubble’s instruments see the reference: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=google_sheets_charts_service&id=zeroqode-demo-16&tab=tabs-1
hope this helps.

Zeroqode Team.