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Google sheets document name change


I have the Google sheets & charts plugin ( and happy with it), but he haven’t been able to figure out how I can change the name of the Google sheet with some automated name yet. Ideas?

Hello @waviourwave, look for doing this you have to select action which is showing here and paste your Spreadsheet id, and JSON object which is showing here in Body.

I hope it will help you,

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Thanks for the response!
With absolutely zero knowledge on JSON, this did not really really help me, sorry for that :slight_smile:.
I use our plugin to duplicate an exisiting one ( which works), but then I want the Spreadsheet to be renamed with a code I send from bubble.
Can you show me what should be in the body of the action ‘Update a spreadsheet-Custom.’?

@Nikita.S Any further clues :)?

Hello there @waviourwave, sorry for the delayed response, I need to understand the flow. Do you use input for editing the Spreadsheet name, and then the plugin should receive the name from this input?
Which is the input name?

Thank you,

Hi Nikita,

I use your plugin to copy a existing Google sheet for every new user, but then I end up with sheets with all the same name. Thus after the copy is complete the name of the copy sheet should be changed. Thhat can be for instance adding the spreadsheet ID to the name of the sheet or using some other name from the database in Bubble. As long as the sheet name is changed.
Any idea how to do this?

Hello @waviourwave, as I understand you are using this one call. You are not able to change the name of the spreadsheet, but you are able to create each time one new Spreadsheet, with name which you want, and then to copy the content into newly created file.

For doing this you have to add next actions:

  1. Creating a new Spreadsheet, in title you have to choose input value, each user will define the name for the Spreadsheet.
  2. Then you have to create action Copy to the Spreadsheet like this in the last field you have to define as value the result of the previous step, spreadsheet destination ID.
    as a spreadsheet and SheetID, you have to set the static value of file which you wish.

Thank you,

Hi Nikita,

Yes I use the copy function. When I first tried to set everything up, I went for the create new and then tried copying the sheet. I do not recall why, but in the end just copying the whole file was something that I got to work.
I am not revisting this at the moment, just hoped to be able to change the name of the sheet automatically.
The answer now seems to be ‘No’, which I can live with ;).
Thanks for the support and working on this!

Okay, @waviourwave, Thank you for your answer.

Best Regards,