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Google Sheets Service Error with Data Such as Double Quotes

My Google Sheets & Charts Service typically works very well when I send data from my Bubble database to a Google sheet.

However, if that data contains a double quote (") it creates an error. I believe this is because the format for sending data to Google sheets using the Zeroqode plug in requires quotes to be around the data, such as [“data”].

What I have tried to do is to find any double quotes (") from items in my database and replace them with a single quote (’). For example, as shown in the screen shot below, I would like to replace “Batman” and “Hulk” in the first and third Topic fields to instead be ‘Batman’ and ‘Hulk’ . If the double quotes are replaced by the single quote, there will be no error when using the ZQ plugin to send date to Google Sheets.


I have tried workflows Make changes to a thing and Make changes to a list of things , and also the Find & Replace operation, but I can’t get it to work.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi @hshadab,

Let us check on this specific use case and I’ll get back to you with a reply asap. :pray:


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Hi @hshadab, so, our plugin is working properly. But,

It will throw an error, indeed. It happens because when sending data to your Google spreadsheet, it sends a JSON:

  "key": "value"

And when sending data with double quotes around, it will pass it in the following way:

  "key": " "value" "

Which is why it is throwing an error, as it is an invalid format. However, you could workaround it. So, if you want to pass data with double quotes around, instead of doing this:


You can do it the following way:


By placing a \ before each ", and it will be sent as a valid JSON, which makes things work.

Yes, the single quotes are working fine, indeed.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you. How to do you recommend is the best way to do this - a API workflow in Bubble?

Hi @hshadab,

So, if you’d like to retrieve the data from your Bubble database, which includes records with double quotes, you could save your db data into a state, then modify the value of this state accordingly, and send this value to your Google Sheets.

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Thanks :pray: