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I just subscribed to the Google Sheets service Plugin and have everything properly set up with no errors. I’m hoping I can get some direction of which workflows to employ for my use case.

My use case is for surveys. I need to create a sheet with a columns that will be the same for every survey. My user will answer the survey and populate the rows when they submit their answers. As my users answer the surveys I need the sheets to feed back to my charts to display the results.

Looking at the action available through the plugin, having my users’ data plug in to the spreadsheet once it’s created seems simple enough. I tried using the ‘Create Sheet’ action, but nothing appeared in my Google Docs/Drive/Cloud.


Hello @dimitrimanaigo,

Thank you for reaching out!

My suggestion is to create a questionnaire where input fields will complete the spreadsheet using the “Write to a cell” action. In “Write to a cell” action please make sure that the cell address will be dynamic and each user will complete a separate row/column (in order not to overwrite data of the previous user). Then when you will have the spreadsheet completed you will be able to display the results and edit them.

In order to do that, you will need to create a spreadsheet using the action “Create Spreadsheet”, take the spreadsheet’ ID and use it in the workflow with actions “Write to a cell”. The workflow for creating the spreadsheet will be needed only once in order to receive the spreadsheet’ ID. In our demo you can find the workflow for creating the spreadsheet and obtaining its ID. Here is the link to our demo page: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=google_sheets_charts_service&id=zeroqode-demo-16&tab=tabs-2

The spreadsheet can be found using the URL provided by the data call: google_sheets_charts_service’sget_spreedsheet_data’s speadsheetUrl

Hope that helps!

Best Reagards,


Thank you for the response! It was extremely helpful. I have one more question. Is it possible for me to somehow download the sheet or share it with someone else for them to download?


Hello @dimitrimanaigo,

You can use the link obtained through the data call mentioned above to download and share the spreadsheet.

Just open the URL in your browser and it will have all functionalities of the classic spreadsheet. So you can use spreadsheet’ features for downloading and sharing it.

Best Regards,


Sorry to keep bothering you, but how would i go about having columns automatically generated when I create a new spreadsheet?

When I create the survey, my users will submit their answers and that answer along with their stored profile information will need to be align with certain columns. I’m just not sure what actions would help me with this.


Hello @dimitrimanaigo,

The columns are automatically generated on the creation of the Spreadsheet as they are part of the spreadsheet.

The action that allows you to insert data in the spreadsheet is “Write to a Cell”. In the field “(body) Cell” should be set the address of the cell (eg. A1, A2, A3, etc).
In the cell address Letter - represents the column and Number represents the row. Basically, if you want the answers of the first user to be in one column then the first answer should be in A1 the second in A2 etc. Accordingly, the data in “(body) Cell” have to be dynamic in order not to overwrite data, so for the second user will have to be completed column B, third - C, etc.

Hope that will help!

Best Regards,


I guess what I’m not explaining well is that the columns will need to be labeled, and the column labels will always be the same for every spreadsheet I make. How can I populate those columns with labels as part of creating the spreadsheet?

And I understand in principle writing to the cell. But as far as it being ‘dynamic’, how does the spreadsheet know that for example A1 has already been written to and to instead plug data in to A2? Hopefully I’m explaining well enough, you’ve been immensely helpful through all this.


Hello @dimitrimanaigo,

So, you can add the lables directly to the spreadsheet and populate row 1 by opening the spreadsheet using the URL or use the acrion “Write to a Cell” to name the colums.

The spreadsheet cannot understand to which cell to plug data. You will have to create a logic in the app that will check how many times the spreadsheet was completed and which address cell should be used. (for example, if the spreadsheet is completed the second time the row should be C, third - D, etc.)

Best Regards,