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Google translate feature fails to appear on header_userlogin in preview test mode


When i attach the code snippet onto the visitor header section, it appears as intended.
But when i attach it onto the member login header, it fails to appear.

How do i resolve this?

did you try to debug what is the difference between those headers?
if you can’t figure it out please post here screenshots of your headers, plugin configuration etc. including a preview link so we could check

As you can see above levon, the original template which i purchased is showing the same issue.
When a user logs in, the google translate feature suddenly disappears from the Header.
Still can’t find the root cause. Pls assist.

hellok, the reason is that there are 2 different headers in this template, one for logged in users and one for logged out ones. So you should add the plugin to both headers then it should work i believe
hope this helps

Hi levon,

Thanks for getting back to me promptly. Appreciate it.
The screenshots that were sent earlier had plugins added on both headers for your info.
Issue still outstanding. Pls assist.

can you add [email protected] as a collaborator on your app and we’ll try to help you out

Ok. Admin rights not required right?

Ok done. Collaboration added.

Hello @technopreneurx, thank you for reaching out.

Just checked your app, and it seems that you have no installed plugin on your project.

Hello @launchx, can you send us name of your app in direct message please ?

Looking forward to your reply.
Regards ! Zeroqode team

Hi Zeroqode Team,

No plugin is required for this Google Translate feature. This feature only requires a code snippet to be attached to the header to appear and function as intended.

Already tested it with the visitor_header.
It works in preview test mode. It appears as intended.

As i have pointed out before. the problem is when a user logs in, the google feature fails to appear on the header_userlogin in the preview test mode. I tested on the original rentals template and the result is the same. Pls assist.

Hi Zeroqode Team,

App name: bypas-copy

Please assist with this app instead.
Invited you as collaborator.

Hello @technopreneurx, thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately Google closed that opportunity.



You can try native Bubble translation or other services.

Looking forward to your reply.
Regards ! Zeroqode team