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GPS Help with Purchased Plugin


Hey Zeroqode,

I am looking for an example to look at for the GPS plugin of yours. I am looking to see how you are allowing us to see if someone else is near by, lets say within a mile or so of each other. Then I want to display all of the users that are within a mile in a repeating group. Let me know if you have some kind of documentation for your plugin. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hello @jay.

We’ll look into the use case you’re trying to get. At the moment this one doesn’t have a documentation regarding usage, however we are working into improving our products with as much details as possible.
Meanwhile you could test the live demo we set up for plugin - https://zeroqode-demo-01.bubbleapps.io/gps_live_geo

Zeroqode Team.


@jay, Hello again.

We looked through the plugin’s possibilities, this one does not have a implemented function for displaying users nearby each other as per your described use case. Also due to library which is used for this, it is not possible to add such possibility.

Thanks for understanding.
Zeroqode Team.


Ok. Thanks for letting me know. So how is this actually GPS? Does it just calculate speed? Seems like I can get the same result from bubble without buying this plug in? What is the purpose of the plugin then? Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:


Hi Jay,
let me jump in here,
the plugin doesn’t return the nearby users, but you can implement that yourself using Bubble workflows. For example if you source all the locations of all the users in the database (using this plugin), then you can plot them all on a map filtering by their distance from each other, or you can run workflows that would calculate the distance between users etc., depending on what’s your use case.

This plugin provides much more details than standard Bubble functionality in regards to users’ location:
here is an excerpt from the plugin description:

Track users live using GPS. This plugin provides Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Speed (Mps, Mph, KPH & Knots), Altitude, Accuracy & More!

Place the Tracking Element on your page and make use of the “Live Tracking” “Get Position” and “Stop Tracking” actions.

Bubble can return only the current position of the user.
Hope this helps


Thanks @Levon. I would like to create a repeating group list of users that are within a mile of me. Is there any way to do that? Everything I was trying to do wasn’t working.

I ended up just creating the users location on page load. It doesn’t help if the person move though.

No map will be involved so it makes it a little more complicated in my mind.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! You guys are the best. :slight_smile:

If you could do a sample that I could look at in the editor then I could mirror the workflows into the app I’m working on.


Hello, @jay.

The team looked in to possibility to create something similar, we added a function for checking between 2 points by long and lat in the nearest radius of one center point to another.
Please upgrade the plugin and here’s the updated Demo Page: https://zeroqode-demo-01.bubbleapps.io/gps_live_geo
See the reference workflow and tweak it to your case. This might help.

Zeroqode Team.


Thank you. I will see if I can make it work for my situation. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: