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GPS Live Geo Tracking Demo - Is Inaccurate


Cool plugin, but it’s 100+ feet off. Is that just the way it is? A rough estimate instead of more accurate geotracking?


hi Phil, did you try from desktop or mobile?
did you use our demo page or built your own?


Both desktop and mobile (Android). I used your demo.


Hi Phil,
i checked with the dev, the plugin uses browsers geolocation API and this is as accurate and it can be


Tried the demo and to get my location. On computer, both on Chrome and Safari, I ended up in the middle of the ocean. On my phone, I end up in Poland and I’m currently in Sweden. Also, it made my phone really laggy. I’m in great need of this plugin.


I’m also having this issue where the map zooms to the middle of the ocean. A few weeks ago I saw mention of Zeroqode finding out the reason behind this was the map was flying before the browser had had time to report the browser location and so the map was zooming to zero lat and long. I tried to find this forum post again so I could implement the fix that they suggested but was unsuccessful.

@zeroqode could you please let me know what I need to add to my workflow to only fly to the real live geo-tracking GPS location and not the empty location?


not to worry. found it