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GPS Live Geo Tracking when not using the app?


Hi, does the GPS Live Geo Tracking plugin have access to a users location even when they are not currently using the app?

What I want to do is automatically detect whether a user has visited a specific location by determining when the distance between the current user’s mobile device and the destination is 0 km. And then count a +1 to a visited field. I am hoping this plugin will allow me to capture a users location when not using the app because there is no guarantee they will open the app when they’re at the destination.


Unfortunately any bubble app or better to say web app won’t be able to do this for you, as web app will not work when the web page is not opened.
As a work around for the case “one organiser” who invites “one guest”, You can save in the web app the latest location of the organiser, and than track guest the distance to that latest position.
Our native solution https://zeroqode.com/native may dramatically increase the chances to locate the meeting point properly, but still cannot guarantee 100% success.


Hi Karel. Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to build a feature in my app that doesn’t work 100% of the time. So I think I will just leave this feature out for my MVP and if my app gains traction I can get a team to develop a native app for me with all these nifty features.

Thanks for your reply. I am still planning to wrap my web app as both IOS and Android apps when I am done. The Webview package by Zerocode is definitely something I am considering. What is the lead time for the $299 (IOS + Android) package? And are there any design best practices I should consider when building my app? I have kept it all to one page.


@leonidas.petrou4 I appreciate your choice.

Wrapping your webapp into native app is simple, and it takes just few minutes and you can definitively do it by own.
All you need is to have ready splash-screens ans icons and any iOS/Android editor, where you will generate your app from a bought code. Submission your app to app/Play Store takes about week.

There aren’t best practices for design. Luckily bubble already supports native applications, so you may be almost 100% sure, that your app will behave properly. You can test your app in any web browser on your mobile (ideally Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS, as our native solution uses similar engines).

Once you are happy about the look and behaviour, it’s ready to wrap into our app.