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GPS Live Tracking Plugin can track location after app / browser is closed?

Hi -

Via GPS Live Tracking Plugin, with permissions accepted by user, can you track the location of user even while they are not using the Bubble App (e.g. so you could plot on a map the location they traversed that day)?

Or does it only actively track location when the app is opened. If only when app is opened, is there any way to track location in background via bubble app or does that require a native app?

Thanks in advanced!

@cybermailman, hello! Thanks for your question.

Let me please check what can be done. I notify you at once when I will have any useful info :slight_smile:

By the way, I suppose you have already checked these forum posts?


Thanks @kate

I don’t think those articles are directly relevant. I am able to get current location when the app is open, no problem, which if I’m following is what those articles are talking about.

I think this forum post (linked below) states the problem better? In that article, they are suggesting it would be not be possible, but I have another idea that was not considered. While it may be not be possible with bubble out of the box, I was thinking you could build an api / plugin. The plugin would receive data coming from custom code build into an app wrapper that you use to deploy the bubble app in the app store / on a phone (ported from browser).

What do you think, is it possible?

@cybermailman, apologies for the late reply :pray:

As per the fact that you can add this GPS plugin to the web app only (the Bubble currently allows you to create only web apps, which can be run on the browsers), it seems to be impossible to track the location of the user in the conditions you have described.

Now there are a lot of restriction policies on browsers, that do not allow any activity without the permission of the user. Thus, even if the user will grant his permission to track his location while the app is running, the plugin won’t work when the user is not using the Bubble app.

I suppose, there is no way to track the user’s location on the background via the Bubble web app. This feature is most likely to work on a native/mobile app.

Apologies for not being actually helpful in your question.