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GPS Tracking Pulgin help

Hi team,

Love the possibilities with the GPS Tracking plugin! Could you please tell me how to get a ‘Plug Custom Block’, as you have it in your demo (screenshot below)? It looks like I need that to make the tracking work, and to show the results on the map?

Also, can the live tracking data (lat and long) be saved every time the data changes, to allow the calculation of their total distance travelled?


Hello, thanks for reaching us!
You can copy elements from demo’s bubble and insert it into you own bubble.
To allow calculation of distance please check the following workflow

Best regards, Vitalie.

So to get the live gps icon to update in realtime on the map, will i need to add the Plug Custom Block mentioned above? If yes, do I need to put anything different in the code to make it work with Zeroqode Mapbox plugin?

I am also having an issue where i try and get the current gps position using the work flow pictured, but map box flies to west of Africa. If I assign the same work flow to a button rather than When Page is Loaded, the map flies to the correct current location.

Hello @mccjon99 !

Let me jump in here.

In order to run javascripts on client-side in workflow actions, you’ll need to install a different tool (plugin) which will run the snippet code.
In our case we used - Connective Cloud . Which comes with action, Plug Bubble Custom Block

In our case yes, this js snippet is required to work with Google Maps and to display the data accordingly to GPS’s plugin tracking coordinates Longitude and Latitude of the device on the map.

I believe it should be possible, you could try setting up a workflow action for creating a new thing in database when Live Tracking is on.

Hope this helps.

Hi @alex3

As mentioned above in my reply, yes you’ll need a custom block action which will run the client-side js snippet which will display the live data on Google Map.
This worklfow was created for GPS Live Tracking plugin.

For MapBox plugin, please check out our demo setup and documentation in order to get it work correctly :
Demo page - https://zeroqode-demo-08.bubbleapps.io/mapbox-map
Documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/mapbox-maps-plugin

Please be sure to use latest version of plugin and use the reference materials for it to work with the plugin properly.
Thanks for understanding.


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Hi @Dumitru @alexander I am building an app for which I need to calculate to distance an athlete run during a sprint.

  1. Can I do it with GPS Tracking plugin?
  2. Do I need to do anything with google map api? Because client don’t want to use google map api but want to use GPS.
  3. So athlete will press a start button. App need to start recording distance run. Athlete presses stop button. App need to stop recording distance and calculate total distance athlete run. How do i go about doing this?
  4. Do i need to use “plug bubble custom block”?
    Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @hrizvi2000,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, it is possible to accomplish it with this plugin. You can make your own calculations based on Lat and Long data, or perhaps use plugin’s state:


Our plugin is implemented with Bubble’s Map element which is a Google map of course. Here you don’t need to do anything about it. Perhaps you’ll just need to set your API keys at your app level because Bubble will ask.

This plugin comes with actions:


That you can use to start and stop tracking, but you’ll have to calculate the distance at your own if you will, or you can use plugin’s state as mentioned above.

Yes, in our demo we are using Connective Cloud plugin:

And you can check our demo and its editor to test yourself and see how everything is set up, before purchase.

Hope it helps.


Thanks, Do I need all 5 below google apis?

  • Geocoding API
  • Places API
  • Geolocation API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • (New in May 2020) Time Zone API

Also it it possible to record the path taken by the athlete for the sprint in some form of gps diagram/map so coach can review it?

Yes @hrizvi2000,

Bubble will ask you to provide the “Google Geocode API key” and “Google Map API key”, but it is best to enable all of the listed above in your console. Perhaps you already found the instructions, but just in case - https://manual.bubble.io/working-with-data/setting-up-google-api-keys.

As for this one:

You are able to build such functionality in Bubble, but I’m afraid our plugin does not implement any diagram features. This is customization of your app which we cannot help with, unfortunately, but there are plugins that you can integrate into your project to create diagrams/graphs.

For more Bubble help, please visit https://forum.bubble.io/ where you can find more help from the community.


I cant find a diagram plugin in plugin repository. In fact theres only one diagram plugin - database diagram. Also we are not creating a graph so we dont need graph plugin.
Bubble forum is confusing to me regarding gps.
In this thread few people are complaining that its giving error and zeroqode cannot reproduce issue.

also Levon is suggesting to use below plugin instead.

Question :
  1. Is GPS tracking plugin working for latest buyers?
  2. Which plugin I should be using GPS tracking plugin or bubble’s google map extender (by zeroqode) or both?

Thanks @hrizvi2000 for feedback.

The forum thread contains reported difficulties that users had in the past, but you are able to test the demo with our plugin which uses the latest version, so you can test it out yourself before purchase, to make sure whether you encounter any issues/errors on your side or not. This is the fastest and easiest way to be sure.

As for MapExtender plugin, it is really up to you which map to use, whether it is Map, MapExtender or any other element/plugin, but our demo is simply using Bubble’s native map to make it easier. And the JS script as well is written to work with it.

The answers to your questions:

Yes, it is the latest version which is working properly. But as previously mentioned, you can give it a try with our demo and test it yourself before purchase.

GPS Tracking plugin allows you to live track your position on the map, and certainly it is required to use a map to actually display your live location. Bubble’s native map element is free, but the Map Extender plugin is a paid one, so it will be required to purchase it as well as GPS Tracking.

I am getting issue , plugin is not working

Hi @karanjot001, thanks for provided details.
Allow us to analyze it and check on our side for the possible issue.
We will come back in due course.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I also invite you collaboration of my app , so that you can check the workflows .

Dear @karanjot001, hello!
Besides the communication through Intercom with my colleague, allow me to mention here the issue that was causing the above-mentioned error.
The main reason for this issue was the location of the plugin element in a hidden group, preventing it from being read.
I hope that everything is OK now and our intervention has helped.

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You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: