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Handling the Oauth for both Google & Notion?

Hey guys,
Is there a zeroqode plugin to handle Oauth for both Google & Notion?
Got this recommendation for google drive and wanted to check if you have something similar for Notion. Also, any demo regarding the Google Drive plugin?

Hey @joaquintorroba

Thanks for reaching out!

Here is a demo example showcasing the Google Drive Plugin: Google Drive Plugin Demo.

You can also refer to the plugin documentation here: Google Drive Plugin Documentation.

Regarding the Notion, currently, we have a plugin that allows you to render any public or private Notion page, but I’m afraid this may not be what you’re looking for.

Let me know if you have any further questions. :sunflower:

Best regards,

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Hey Gulce, thanks for the quick answer.
So, my new use case (it has just changed) is the following: my client needs the user to be able to upload any link of google docs or notion to bubble and extract all the data.
What do you think? Any if these plugins could be useful? If not I think I’ll need to setup the API Connector.

Hey @joaquintorroba

With the Google Drive plugin, your users can easily sign into their own Drive directly through the plugin and gain instant access to their files.

Here’s an overview of the data calls and actions available, which I believe will be quite handy for your use case:

Data Calls:

Get User Info
Search/Get Files
Get File Info
Get Image from Drive


Upload a File (Base64)
Upload a File
Create a Folder
Grant Everyone Write Permission
Grant Everyone Read Permission
Remove Everyone with Link Permission
Remove Permission Using ID
Grant User Write Permission
Grant User Read Permission
Grant User Commenter Permission (Copy)
Update User’s Read Permission
Update User’s Write Permission
Delete File
Add File to Folder
Remove File from Folder
Rename File

As for the Notion, unfortunately, it is not possible with our plugin. You might need to explore using the API Connector for Notion instead. :pray:


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Sweet! This is what I need, thanks!

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Glad to be helpful! :blush: @joaquintorroba

Please let me know if I can try to help you with anything else. Have a great day!