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Help Needed - Excel like Table


Hi, i recently purchased the excel plugin. i defined all parameters as done on the demo but the table is not displaying. Please help.



Hi Lola,
can you please share with us some screenshots of how you setup the plugin, as well as a test link?


Hi. i have attached them below.

As for the test link, find below

I can share credentials with you directly as the application is already launched


Hello @lola

thanks for information, could you please add us as collaborators to your app [email protected] ; so we could take a look closer, thanks.
Alternatively a share the credentials to access the page for testing



Hello @lola

Sorry for late response, here. :pray:

Please upgrade to latest version of plugin, refresh the app, check our setup: https://zeroqode-demo-04.bubbleapps.io/editable_grids
as reference to get an idea how it should be set and give it another try.
Thanks for understanding.



Hi, Did as you said and followed all the steps and now i have the error below

The plugin Editable Data Table like Excel / element Grid threw the following error: ReferenceError: $jscomp is not defined
at eval (PLUGIN_Editable-Data-Table-like-Excel-update–Grid-.js:3:55)
at https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/556d7a6d97c27286d1c3602c1bc42291091d2b7823500787d42417d8946e22d2/xfalse/x5:18:460781 (please report this to the plugin author)

i have added your support folks as collaborators. please check