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Help on "Custom State"

I am struggling with use of Custom State.

I have a right-side Menu with a list of the “Project Name” such as ‘Omkar CHS’, ‘Ramanika CHS’ & ‘Ranjana CHS’. I have followed a tutorial & learned to highlight the text of Project Name when one clicks on it using Custom State.

Now, I have ‘Group Element’ on the Right Side which is holding information on these projects.

I do not want to make this ‘Group Element’ visible when the page loads. I want to make it visible when someone clicks on “Project Name” such as ‘Omkar CHS’, ‘Ramanika CHS’ & ‘Ranjana CHS’ Only things is that Project Name is not a Fixed Text, It is Dynamic Text & depend on User Creation.

Following things I have done :

  1. Created a group element called “Group TABS EDIT” with un-checked on ‘visible on-page Load’.

  1. Created a Custom State called ‘Project’ on page level ( Page is called ‘app’)

  2. Custom State is called Project is Seen Like below :

  1. I have used this Custom State Called ‘Project’ as “Data Source” & Type of Content is ’ Society Details’ which is Data I have created.

  1. I have put a condition on visibility on this Group like below :

Please let me know if the above procedure is correct? because It is not working in my case. Can you help me, please?

I am not sure if you can understand this using the Print screens shown above Or let me know ways to share the Development app with you.

  • Aditya

Hi @adityacc06, thank you for your message.

I would like to help you sort out the issue you got with displaying data based on the created custom state. In order to let me check the issue and perform a few tests, can you please add our [email protected] account to the Collaborator’s list of your application (with Edit Rights - to be able to perform tests on a separately created page)? Please ignore the warning message - our account is on an Agency plan and anyone can add us to the Collaborator list.

Waiting for your reply :slight_smile:
Have a great start of the week!

Hi Greg,

Actually, I am on Hobby Plan, It is saying I need to upgrade the Plan. Is that right? Can I not add a collaborator on Hobby Plan. ?

Hello @adityacc06,

Please ignore the warning message, Zeroqode is on an Agency plan thus you should be able to add our email to your collaborators list.
Also, you can share the link to your editor so we can check it from our side, or send me a private message.

I have now added [email protected] for Editing rights. I guess You can check now.

Below is the Link for the App :

Hello @adityacc06, hope this message finds you well.

We checked your site and made some test on it make sure everything is setup correctly.
You have correctly configured the states and data sources in the Tabs Edit group (in particular, in the repeating groups). We see that everything works fine. We have added only a couple of simple actions that show and hide the Tabs Edit group:

  1. Clicking on an item in the left menu opens the Tabs Edit group
  2. In on this group elements group, depending on the pressed item in the menu, the corresponding info is displayed

When loading the page, we turned off this condition -

so that the current group appears when we click on the name on the left in the menu.

An action was added to show the group after clicking on an item in the left menu

Show data in the group depending on the clicked item in the left menu

Let me know if we misunderstood you, as we see everything works fine.

Hey Greg…

Thanks a Ton… It is perfect & working fine. But I am still trying to figure out how is it working.
I understood that -

  1. You have created a new Custom State called “test” which has Text Input.

  2. Then you have created a simple Conditional Statement using this Custom State of “test” but you have added a Text of “Omkar CHS” & Data Source is " Society Details" ( i.e. Data)

  3. Then you have created a Work flow on Text - “Society Name” to show "Group Tab Edit’

I was guessing that as the name of Society such as “Omkar CHS” is Dynamic Text which is added by the users. But Still its working perfectly when I clicked on other society names such as “Ramanika CHS”, “Ranjana CHS”.
At a first glance, I thought this won’t work if I clicked Society Name other than “Omkar CHS” but actually it is working perfectly !!

Great !! Any ways it is Resolved now.

Thanks a Lot once again.

  • Aditya

Hey Aditya,

  1. Regarding the states we have added to the app, they are only for testing purposes, we are sorry for not deleting them afterwards. At the moment we cleaned everything, that was previously added.

  2. Your current functionality was initially correct (states and date sources in the group and repeating groups). We just corrected the workflow to display the TABS EDIT group when clicking on the options in the left menu.

  3. Let me try to explain how it works and why. We assume that the main feature is that you use the state app’s project as the date source for the text elements in the TABS EDIT group. This is the filtering for the group - depending on the value of the project state on the app page, the corresponding information is displayed on the right side (tab).

Let me know if this helped :slight_smile: